Ready to use the TLE?

Are you a self-starter? Do you want to get the TLE in your school right now? You can do so by accessing the website below which contains instructional videos, school resources, and parent resources.

Donít forget you can contact our TLE Implementation Specialist, Nina Gregory, at to gain access to the system or ask for assistance.

Time to Renew MAP for Next Year!

You may have already received an email from NWEA to renew your MAP Growth licenses for next school year.† The email will take you to an online renewal portal where you can easily adjust your order.† You can complete that as early as right now, but it needs to be completed no later than JUNE 30, 2018.† Keep in mind that you should underestimate if you are unsure of your enrollment, as NWEA cannot refund licenses ordered.† It is VERY easy for them to add licenses and it is a quick and easy process.† We have negotiated a later invoicing timeline for our SUFS schools since the FTC and Gardiner funds do not arrive until around September. Of course, you can pay NWEA any time, but you will receive an Invoice in September with an October due date, so please plan accordingly.† Step Up for Students is grateful for this partnership with NWEA and their willingness to made these adjustments for our schools.

Final MAP Skills Informational Webinar

LAST CALL if you are interested in the MAP Skills webinar.† The final webinar will be held on February 26th at 12PM EST.† This is a final opportunity to see how MAP Skills compliments and supplements student achievement. As a partner with SUFS, you will get access to this tool through June 30th, 2018, if you attend the webinar.† If you decide to continue with MAP Skills next school year, there is a minimal cost of $4 per student.† This is a great opportunity to learn more and give it a try!



Conference Number(s):† 1-844-758-2736

Participant Code: 665-622-1856

FREE MAP Resource

Does your MAP Growth data show some students may need support in Reading? Because of our partnership with NWEA, our schools using MAP Growth are invited to try out the new MAP Reading Fluency tool for FREE through June 30, 2018. If you like it and want to continue with it the next year, NWEA does have a cost associated with this, so take advantage of this opportunity now while you can check it out and see the power in this resource! Just contact Jessica Lyons at to let her know you are interested and she will tell you next steps. Catholic Schools in our partnership should reach out to Jessica Knierim at if interested. There is a required introductory NWEA webinar before accessing the resource. See more information in the link below.

Get a more complete picture of early literacy

Making sure early readers are on the right track is crucial to their future development. Thatís why we came up with an easier way to evaluate your KĖ3 readers.
MAP ģ Reading FluencyTM is an online, adaptive assessment that efficiently measures oral reading fluency, comprehension, and foundational skills. It uses advanced technology to enable group testing, automatically record and score each student, and deliver instructionally useful data.