Use Reflection & Goal Setting to Build a Growth Mindset in 2019!

Start the New Year on the Right Foot!

Help your students understand the importance of self-reflection and goal setting. Through continued reflection and growth, your students will develop grit, resilience, and problem solving skills that will serve them well in their academic life and beyond!

Reflect & Create a Vision
Set SMART Goals
Discuss Growth Mindset

Do you struggle to create lessons that reach students at different instructional levels?

Consider these quick steps to plan differentiated lessons and use them to help you implement some new strategies after the New Year!


Step 1 PRE-ASSESSMENT: A pre-assessment of your students is crucial to help you understand how each student understands new material.

  • Watch this video on the use of exit tickets that help teachers pre-assess and plan.
  • Examples: 5 Question Quiz, KWL Chart, Journal, Mind Map, Frayer Diagram
  • Tips: Explain to students what you plan to do with the results and why this is important.

Use questions or prompts that gauge their understanding of the main goals or points of the unit.

Keep it simple!

Step 2 CONTENT & PROCESS: Once you have a clear understanding of where each student is starting the unit, consider using a learning menu or a choice board to vary the complexity and the process of learning. This can also be a great way to reach not only struggling students, but also to challenge high achieving students.



Watch this video on Learning Menus.

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