Life after High School: Are your students prepared?

Did you know that almost 45% of students who start pursuing a post-secondary degree will never finish?

Did you also know that those with an industry certification certificate earn 20% more on average than those with only a high school diploma or that the average lifetime earnings for someone with a Bachelor’s Degree is approximately $2.3 Million?

How are you preparing your students to make decisions after high school that will affect them for the rest of their lives?

If you are looking to implement a program to help prepare your students to make these tough choices, then register now for our College and Career Readiness course!

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Science Materials Giveaway!

Lakeshore Science Materials Winners

  1. Angel Schreiber – Fort Myers Christian School
  2. Samantha Owens – Ocala Preparatory Academy
  3. Barbara Kennedy – BB & C Christian Academy
  4. Guerson Mesadieu – Murl Windsor Academy
  5. Diane Rustan – Sacred Heart School
  6. Juli Ferguson – St. Joseph Catholic School
  7. Jeremy Sossong – Ocala Preparatory Academy
  8. Ashley Platé – The Key to Learning
  9. Dylan Belcher – Beacon of Hope Christian School
  10. Yvonne Hickman – St. Barnabas Episcopal School
  11. Debra Keim – Our Savior Lutheran School
  12. Amanda Mummau – Odessa Christian School


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