Webinar available via edWeb.net

Webinar: Effective Strategies for Paraprofessionals Working with Students with Autism

Wednesday, June 27 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time


Presented by Nina Finkler, M.Ed., LDT/C, BCBA, President of Nina Finkler Autism Services


Have you started thinking about how you can improve your school next year?

Congratulations on completing the 17-18 school year! Have you started thinking about how you can improve your school next year? Improved communication with your parents and students is an important goal, and the TLE is a one-stop shop to document student progress toward mastery and ensure parents and teachers are communicating about the success of your students!

Important MAP Growth info before you begin Spring testing!

Do you use Chromebooks or the Chrome browser for MAP Growth testing?

There have been some recent changes to the Google Chrome browser that have made it unsecured when attempting to use the MAP Growth lock-down browser. NWEA no longer allows the use of the Google Chrome browser for that reason, and as of February 2018, you are required to test using the NWEA Secure Testing app in kiosk mode. For instructions on installing the app in kiosk mode, please see the MAP Testing Chromebook kiosk app set-up guide. These steps will install the app across all Chromebooks in your organizational unit and will allow students to see a menu of kiosk apps in the system tray on the login screen. The student can then select the app to begin testing.

You may also need to update your Chrome Operating System to version 41 or later. For more information, check out: updating your Chromebook software.

Please reach out to NWEA Partner Support with any other questions at 877-469-3287.